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Infra-Red Sauna

Far saunas use infra red rays to penetrate the body to induce a sweat, rather than steam like a Swedish sauna. The difference being a very comfortable environment to relax, simulate and heal your body. Toxins are released directly through the skin and not through the blood stream. Far saunas can bring great relief to people who suffer from the following: fibromyalgia, arthritis, acne, psoriasis, eczema, cellulite, sore joints, headaches, weight loss, to name a few. 

1 hour session     $20

1 hour session with any other treatment $15

One month unlimited $50

Aromatherapy Detoxifying Mud Body Wraps $90

This luxurious treatment is tailored to your skin's particular needs. Detoxifying muds are blended to be nourishing and hydrating or firming. Dry skin is polished off with a moisturizing scrub, followed by the mud application. You are then wrapped in insulated blankets for 20 minutes to allow for maximum benefits and removed with hot towels to be left with smooth new skin. 

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