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Hot Stone Massage $102

Indulge your body with a deep healing unique treatment that will enhance your awareness, increase your senses and awaken your well being. A combination of heated stones and aromatherapy will glide over your body, deeply releasing the muscle tissue allowing stress to melt away.

Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes $60

45 minutes $70

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $130

Deep pressure massage that uses a variety of techniques to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and mobility and promote healing for injuries and overuse conditions. Massage reduces stress, brings the body into balance and reduces perception of pain.

Indian Head Massage $67

This seated massage technique comes from the Middle East and is an excellent treatment for headaches, mind fog, or just to relieve tense tired muscles. The massage takes place on the arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Thai Yoga Massage & Shiatsu $110

A completely different type of massage! Thai philosophy believes that all illness comes from emotions that we aren't willing to release. Thai massage assists in doing just that, releasing energy lines and allowing negative to leave and positive to flow through. You will leave here feeling lighter and more relaxed than you thought possible. 

K-Tape $15
K-Tape increases circulation and reduces edema. It can support joints, improve muscle function or allow a muscle to rest so that it can heal. K-tape's water resist adhesive is hypoallergenic. 

Myofascial Cupping $40

Cupping is an ancient therapeutic treatment that employs suction to the body tissues to stretch fascia, promote circulation and assist lymphatic drainage. Cupping reduces sinus pressure, calms trigger points and softens scar tissue. It can be an alternative for clients or areas of the body unable to tolerate deep-tissue massage lie. fibromyalgia).

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